2015 Honda Odyssey in Sanford is its own clean-up crew

June 11th, 2015 by

Family life can get messy, and cleaning up after a family vacation can be difficult. Sanford Honda in NC has the perfect solution for your next family minivan with a 2015 Honda Odyssey in Sanford.

2015 Honda OdysseyThis revolutionary minivan from Honda near Raleigh dealers features a vacuum cleaner built right into the vehicle. It’s not only a handy option available on select trims of the Honda Odyssey, but it is also an industry-first!

Hauling the vacuum cleaner out of the house, finding an extension cord long enough to reach your driveway and then making sure you have all those attachments connected to the right piece is hard work. The 2015 Honda Odyssey in Sanford puts an end to the hassle and puts quick and easy cleaning within reach.

So, as you can see, your Honda near Raleigh, NC, dealer has the perfect solution for the post-vacation let-down of cleaning the family vehicle after experiencing the thrilling rides and family fun at Adventure Landing in Raleigh, NC. Kids tracking mud and dirt into the van after visiting the Neuse River Trail is no match for the Odyssey’s powerful vacuum. Though it is located in the rear of the van, the HondaVac has a 12-foot hose that can reach every corner of the vehicle, so don’t worry if there are wrappers and crumbs scattered throughout.

Good Housekeeping even recognized this convenient feature — and they don’t dabble in the auto industry all too much, so you know this truly must be a game-changer developed by Honda engineers!

Wondering where the HondVac plugs in? Well, it is always plugged in. In fact, this technology — which was co-developed along with Shop-Vac® — never needs an outlet and never needs to be recharged. It draws power from the vehicle itself and can be run continuously while the engine is running and will operate for up to eight minutes when the engine is off.

So what could be better than a family van from Honda in NC dealers that serves as a mobile cleanup station, saves you money with fantastic fuel efficiency of up to 28 miles per gallon and will also save lives with advanced award-winning safety features? A 2015 Honda Odyssey in Sanford is made for families, whether you are taking a family vacation many miles away or simply transporting the young ones to and from soccer practice.

Take advantage of the get pre-approved for a loan online feature to see how well the 2015 Honda Odyssey fits into your monthly budget. Then, visit Sanford Honda at 3130 South Horner Blvd to take this versatile vehicle for a spin around the block and see how well the whole family fits into this spacious minivan.

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