2015 Honda Accord in NC keeps watch over you

April 8th, 2015 by

2015 Honda AccordNC Honda buyers know that the 2015 Accord is one of the best values on the road thanks to its safety, reliability and amazing good looks. Raleigh Honda dealers are selling the new 2015 Accord in NC like crazy, but buyers in the know head down the road to Sanford for the best deal accompanied with hometown dealership service.

You just can’t beat the personal touch of a dealership that treats its town like a community, andSanford Honda treats every customer like a valued member of our community. That’s why we want to see you and your family in a safe and fun-to-drive Accord this year.

The 2015 Honda Accord is at the front of the pack when it comes to safety through accident prevention. Utilizing some high tech features, a properly equipped Accord in NC warns the driver about potentially hazardous situations in time to react.

LaneWatch Sees the Blind Spot

Honda’s LaneWatch enhances the driver’s view of passenger-side traffic thanks to an ingeniously mounted camera on the side view mirror. The image is displayed on the in-dash screen and presents a view nearly four-times greater than the mirror provides. This effectively reduces the dangerous blind spot inherent in passenger vehicles. Your NC Honda dealer can make sure that you select an Accord with this technology.

Always on Watch

A small camera mounted at the top of the windshield remains on watch at all times in EX-L Accords equipped with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), and a small radar sensor does the job in the Touring trim. FCW senses when following distance starts to indicate the possibility of collision. We’ve all been surprised by a suddenly slowing vehicle in front—it’s nice to have a car that’s always looking out for you and your family.

Stay in Your Lane

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) tracks lane markings on the road and notices when an un-signaled lane change is happening. Visual and audible warnings can be selected to notify the driver that the car is leaving its lane.

Sometimes we all need a little help out there, and the 2015 Accord can provide it with these advanced safety features.

See all that the 2015 Accord has to offer this weekend. Raleigh Honda dealers are doing their best to keep this popular sedan in stock, but remember to drive down to Sanford for a wonderful car-buying experience with a sales staff you’ll remember by name.

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